San Antonio's Most Spirited Program


Venom Elite was founded in 2012 as a recreational cheer and dance program. In 2015, Venom became an All Star entity, taking its athletes in a new direction. 

Venom prides itself on its family friendly environment, spirited families, talented athletes and dedicated staff.

Venom has grown immensely since its founding and has quickly made a name for itself in the competitive world that is All Star cheer and dance.


Venom Elite partakes in a community service initiative that involves community outreach projects. We strive to use our resources to help those in need by donating and volunteering our time as much as possible. Venom Elite loves to give back and teach its' athletes the importance of community service. See below for some of our outreach projects.  










Kari Singletary

Owner and Head Coach

Kari founded Venom in 2012 as Head Coach and took over ownership in 2015. She has been coaching since 2006. With a passion for working with children, she loves being a positive and encouraging mentor to her athletes. Kari manages the gym, office and teams for Venom Elite and loves every aspect of it!  

Roland Soto

Tumbling Director/Team Coach

Coach Roland started with Venom in 2016 as a tumbling coach. With a strong background in tumbling technique, he quickly began helping Venom's tumbling program to become stronger and cleaner. He is now a team coach as well to all Venom Cheer teams. 

Ronald Soto

Tumbling Director/Team Coach

Coach "Ronnie" began with Venom in 2016 as a tumbling coach. He was quickly made a director of the Venom tumbling program and helped to set new standards for our athletes, who have improved immensely. He now is also a team coach to all Venom Cheer teams. 

Erica Mancha

Cheer Coach

Coach Erica started with Venom in 2017 as a cheer and tumbling coach. With experience at D1 programs, she brings a fresh perspective to our gym and works with all Venom cheer teams. 

Ashtin Soliz

Ashtin Soliz

Coach Ashtin joined the Venom Family in 2013 as a team coach. She independently coached teams throughout her time with Venom and now assists with teams while also starting a family with her husband and beautiful baby boy. 

Maurice Felder

Hip Hop Director/Coach

Coach "Moe" began as a hip hop instructor with Venom in 2014 alongside Coach Tori. After 2 seasons at Venom, he and Tori were promoted to the Directors of the Venom Hip Hop Program and now hold that position at the gym. Coach Moe also proudly represents the San Antonio Spurs as a member of Team Energy.

Roxanne Villaloboz

Junior Coach

Coach "Roxy" began as  Junior Coach with Venom in 2016. She cheered for Venom as well as her High School at Marshall High. A senior this year, Roxanne works with our Prep Team as a team junior coach. 



Tumbling classes are available for members or non members. The classes are designed to work the individual level appropriate skills and progressions of the athlete. Classes are broken up based on ability level. Tumbling classes at Venom Elite are instructed by at least two staff members in each class who will teach skills, work progressions as well as condition the athletes to best prepare them for advancement in their tumbling abilities. 

First class is always free! Come try a free trial class at Venom Elite.


Venom Elite offers recreational classes as an extra option to cheerleaders and gymnasts alike. Looking for some extra gym time? Join a recreational class! Not quite ready to commit to cheer or preparing for upcoming tryouts? These classes are a great way to get in shape! On and off, we have classes available such as "Flight School", where flyers are given stretching, conditioning and body position training as well as air time to perfect their flying abilities. 

Another recreational class we offer is Jump Class. This class is great for perfecting and improving your jumps. Classes will focus on technique, flexibility, conditioning and executing jumps and jump sequences/combinations.

Pre-Team classes are also offered. This class is great for those that are working toward skills for a given level. Also, if you are not a cheerleader, but would like something a bit more involved than tumbling class, this is great! This class will include level appropriate tumbling, stunt, jump and team instruction. 


Our prep teams consist of mainly beginner athletes. The prep team program is a great introduction into the world of All Star Cheer. Prep teams typically practice twice a week and compete 3-4 times per season, all locally, which helps to keep the cost down for entry level athletes.

Our prep team athletes are the future of our gym and we love working with these athletes as they develop a passion for this incredible sport!


Our All Star cheer teams consist of mainly experienced, committed athletes. All Star teams typically practice three times a week and compete 9-10 times per season at the regional, state and national level, with 1-2 travel comps, including NCA in Dallas and the D2 Summit in Disney World if a bid is won in any given season. 

Our All Star athletes are incredibly dedicated, hard working kids who make us incredibly proud at every event we attend! We are excited to continue to see our All Star program grow and progress.


Our Hip Hop Dance program consists of dancers who practice once a week. We have beginner- advanced level dancers in our program and have teams separated based on ability and age. 

Athletes in our dance program perform exhibition shows in the community as well as compete at the regional and national level. 

Many dancers in the program are given independent opportunities in the community to explore their dance careers, such as talent shows, modeling, music videos, etc. 


Voltage is Going to Summit

After a bit of D1/D2 confusion, Voltage finds out they got a bid to Summit alongside Velocity. Way to go Venom!

Toy Drive Event

Venom Elite participates in our annual toy drive event with Commissioner Chico Rodriguez for Christmas 2017. 


Take a look at some photos capturing our Venom Family doing what they do best!


Venom Elite registered members may use this link to access their parent portal. Parent portal will give you access to your child's personal info, account, fees and balances, etc.

There is also a skills video library that allows you to see skill demonstrations with written descriptions as well as see which skills your child has attained.

New to the program or haven't yet created a parent portal account? Please go to the classes tab below and select the option to "View our class listings" in order to select the appropriate class/team for your child and follow the registration instructions from there. All Active Venom members must have an up to date parent portal account.



Take a look at our most recent calendar to see what's going on at the gym, including gym closures, extra classes being offered and events and competitions taking place soon.

To see our current class schedule, please click the link below. The class listings table allows for web registration directly from the site. You can also register for classes through the parent portal.

Register for classes here!     --->


Interested in learning more about Venom Elite? Requesting info on classes or need the link to register for our parent portal for existing members? Fill out the form below and we will reach out to you shortly!


The best way to reach Venom Elite for existing members is by text or email. Venom receives an outstanding amount of calls from unknown numbers and often no voicemail is left or the voicemail box fills up quickly. Please do not hesitate to text or email for a quicker response.


Testimonial from our client

Granddaughter started with hip-hop, then to TCD cheerleader and now on Venom level 3. Coaches are awesome. Parents are involved totally for their kids. They are family and always there for each other. Other gyms admire their sportsmanship and spirit. At competitions other teams are welcome to run thru their spirit tunnel. The experience of such a great organization makes lasting memories.

Janice Reynolds Kiolbassa 

Testimonial from our client

Coaches really know how to focus on the strengths of each individual athlete and help them work to the best of their abilities. My daughters skill level has increased in only one year, went from only doing a cartwheel to a backhand spring, that to me is AMAZING! I really recommend Venom, great coaches, great parent atmosphere.

Barbara Morales

Testimonial from our client

We started with TCD, we would watch the venom team and be amazed. Our daughters would tell us that someday we want to be venom. Best choice we ever made to be a part of venom. Great coaches, great spirit and teams, we love our venom family.

Pamela Lay